SYSTEM STATUS application

The SYSTEM STATUS application displays a summary of the status of z/OS and selected jobs, and reports exceptions to normal system operation. The panels are as follows:

  • SYSTEM STATUS: monitors selected jobs, displays a summary of the status of z/OS, and reports critical exceptions to normal operations by displaying colored/highlighted ALERTs that require operator intervention.

  • SYSTEM STATUS PROFILE: Enables you to define job thresholds to be monitored on the System Status panel. These are set up after the MainView AutoOPERATOR application is activated and can be changed at any time online.

  • TARGET PROFILE SELECTION PANEL: allows you to define individual profiles for up to 23 targets (plus the default).


When you enter the SYSTEM STATUS application for the first time, the SYSTEM STATUS PROFILE panel is displayed. Pressing the END key saves the profile member MVSSTA00 before you return to the SYSTEM STATUS panel. When you invoke this application in the future, the profile member is already available and you enter the SYSTEM STATUS panel directly.

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