Shutting down a system that is running TOM

Although the primary purpose of TOM is to maintain the availability of the objects, there are times when the system where TOM is running will need to be stopped for maintenance or other tasks.

System shutdown can be an exacting and tedious process but TOM makes it simple and precise.

From the TSYS view, use the H (Shutsys) line command to try to stop all the objects under the control of TOM. Alternatively, you can use the SHUTSYS API function (see SHUTSYS function) or console command (see Console command CMD subcommands).

TOM attempts to stop objects based on their order in the dependency structure; TOM checks each object to see whether another object depends on it. If the dependent object or objects are still active, the object is not stopped. If an object has no dependents (or those dependents are no longer active), TOM stops the object.

By default, the SHUTSYS command will stop objects which are in SUSPEND control mode. To prevent this situation, specify SHUTDOWN(ACTIVE) in the BBPARM member MAMINIxx. When you restart TOM, these objects will remain suspended until a command is issued to control them with TOM. For more information about the SHUTDOWN parameter, see Parameters that affect shutdown.

When you issue the SHUTSYS command, TOM attempts to bring the status of all objects that have a status of ACTIVE or COMPLETE to a status of LOCKED. During this process, the status for an object might temporarily display as SCHEDULED-LOCKED or STOPPING.

If TOM is restarted after the SHUTSYS process is completed, transient objects will not be restarted unless an IPL was performed.

If all objects are not stopped, you must determine why and then stop them manually using the TOM STOP UI command, TOMEXEC API request, or console command. For information about how to manage objects that are not stopped automatically, see Manually shutting down remaining objects.

For information about how to shutdown a system from the TSYS view, see Stopping objects on a specific TOM PAS. For information about how TOM stops objects in sets, see Shutting down a set.

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