Scenario 2: One TOM PAS loses contact with other TOM PASs in a TOMPLEX

A sysplex contains three systems (SYS1, SYS2, and SYS3) and each system has a TOM PAS (TOM1, TOM2, and TOM3) started. TOM3 then unexpectedly drops from the TOMPLEX.

Two situations might have caused the loss of contact:

  • The TOM3 system has experienced a failure and stopped running, but SYS3 and all of its started tasks are still active.

    In this case, TOM1 and TOM2 do not change the status of the objects that are running on SYS3.

  • TOM3 and SYS3 have both stopped running.

    In this case, the Registry-owning TOM sets the status of all SYS3 objects to LOCKED. If the SYS3 objects had definitions in the Valid Systems field to run on systems other than SYS3, TOM1 and TOM2 can start those objects on other systems.

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