Scenario 1: One TOM PAS starts before other TOM PASs

You have a sysplex of three systems (SYS1, SYS2, and SYS3) where three TOM PASs (TOM1, TOM2, and TOM3) will be started. TOM1 is started first on SYS1.

When started on SYS1, TOM1 immediately begins managing all objects that are defined to run on SYS1. TOM1 is the registry owner. In the registry, objects can be defined to run on SYS2 and SYS3 (where TOM2 and TOM3 are not started yet). Until TOM2 and TOM3 are started, TOM1 displays the last known status for the objects that are defined for SYS2 and SYS3, even though the objects can be up and running on SYS2 and SYS3.

Without being able to communicate with TOM2 and TOM3, TOM1 does not know the status of the objects on SYS2 and SYS3 and cannot manage those objects. When TOM2 and TOM3 are started, the status of all objects within the sysplex can be managed accurately.

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