BMC recommends specifying the IBM default ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(NO) in the SYS1.PARMLIB(DIAGxx) member for the LPAR where MainView AutoOPERATOR runs. This setting enables the BBI-SS PAS to use KEY4 as the default TCB key and storage key for increased protection from unauthorized programs.

To start the BBI-SS PAS in KEY4

  1. Stop the BBI-SS PAS.
  2. Start the BBI-SS PAS using SSLOAD as the EXECuted program with the START=FREE option specified.

    The BBI-SS PAS will start, free any used storage, and stop again.

  3. Change the BBI-SS PAS start JCL to execute SSLOAD4 (instead of SSLOAD):
    1. Locate the EXEC statement in the JCL where PGM=SSLOAD is specified.
    2. Modify the PGM name from SSLOAD to SSLOAD4.
  4. Re-start the BBI-SS PAS.

    The following figure shows an example of the edited JCL.

    Example of BBI-SS PAS start JCL with SSLOAD4

    //SSJCL    JOB                     <=== CHANGE - JOBCARD                  
    //SSJCL    PROC PREFIX='XXXXX',    <=== CHANGE - PREFIX                   
    //             START='WARM',       <=== REVIEW - WARM/COLD START OPTION   
    //             SS='SSA1',          <=== REVIEW - B&B SUBSYSTEM ID         
    //             VPOOL='NORESET',    <=== REVIEW - SHARED POOL OPTION       
    //             CSMALTDB='NO'       <=== REVIEW - CSM ALTERNATE DB         
    //*          USE OF PARAMETERS IN THIS JCL                            *   
    //SSJCL    EXEC PGM=SSLOAD4,REGION=512M,DPRTY=(15,0),TIME=1440,     
    //         PARM='&SS,&START,&VPOOL,&CSMALTDB'                      

    This change also can be made at an IPL by changing the program executed in the BBI-SS PAS JCL from SSLOAD to SSLOAD4 before you re-IPL.

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