MVS console considerations

MVS commands can be issued by MainView AutoOPERATOR terminal session (TS) users, EXECs, or Rules. When MVS commands are issued by TS users and from EXECs, the TS user or the EXEC can also wait for and inspect the response from the command.

Extended MCS (EMCS) consoles allow MainView AutoOPERATOR to issue MVS command and inspect the responses from these commands.

The use of consoles is not a consideration for MVS commands issued from Rules because MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules never expect a response. However, some commands issued by TS users and EXECs require a response to the command and therefore, require a MVS console.

For more information about how EXECs use consoles, refer to the MainView AutoOPERATOR Advanced Automation Guide where the IMFEXEC CMD statement is documented.

This section includes the following topics:


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