The MSGs event type is a subset event type of the MSG event type.

MSGs events appear on Rule Processor panels when the selection criteria for a MSG-initiated Rule specifies MLWTO Minor = SINGLE.

With MSGs events, the Rule treats each minor line of the MLWTO as a separate entity, which means that each minor line (or all of the minor lines) of the MLWTO can cause the Rule to fire.


For a MSG-initiated Rule, when you specify MLWTO Minor = SINGLE, you must also specify values for the selection criteria fields Text ID or Text String.

In addition, when you specify MLWTO Minor = SINGLE, the Rule cannot take the action of suppressing the message or preventing it from being recorded in the MVS SYSLOG. Therefore, the action fields Display at Dest and SYSLOG Display (which normally appear for MSG-initiated Rules on the Action Specification panel), do not appear when you specify MLWTO Minor = SINGLE.

BMC Software recommends that you use the &LINE2_WORDn variable on the Variable Dependencies panel so that you can create Rules that filter out unwanted minor lines where

  • &LINE2 resolves to each and every minor line of the MLWTO (&LINE1 contains the contents of the major line)

Therefore, with MLWTO Minor = SINGLE specified as selection criteria, the Rule Processor resolves the &LINE1 variable as the major line and each minor line is resolved as &LINE2 no matter where a specific minor line appears within the entire MLWTO.

  • WORDn resolves to words on the first (major) line

See Example 2: creating a Rule where MLWTO minor = SINGLE for an example.

See Selecting INDIVIDUAL for information about this event type and the automation strategy INDIVIDUAL.

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