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BMC provides limited support for this version of the product. As a result, BMC no longer accepts comments in this space. If you encounter problems with the product version or the space, contact BMC Support.

BMC recommends upgrading to the latest version of the product. To see documentation for that version, see BMC AMI Ops Automation, version 8.3.

Migrating from MainView AutoOPERATOR version 7.4.xx to version 8.1

You should read this chapter in conjunction with the MainView AutoOPERATOR version 8.1 Release Notes.


In addition to reviewing the MainView AutoOPERATOR version 8.1 Release Notes, you should also review the following publications:

  • the latest MainView AutoOPERATOR BMC Impact Integration for z/OS Release Notes

For information about migrating MVTOM, see Migrating MainView Total Object Manager (MVTOM) and Chapter 1 of the MainView Total Object Manager User Guide.

You can run your current Rules, EXECs and solution automation without any manual modifications by copying the existing MainView AutoOPERATOR 7.4.xx Rules, EXECs, and solutions to the new MainView AutoOPERATOR 8.1 PAS. You can also copy your parameter members from the MainView AutoOPERATOR 7.4.xx BBI-SS PAS and use them for the MainView AutoOPERATOR 8.1 PAS.

However, MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules, EXECs, solutions, and BBPARM members might have been updated in the new version of MainView AutoOPERATOR. If you customized the MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules, EXECs, solutions, or BBPARM members in an earlier release, you should be prepared to migrate those changes to the new release.

You can do this process either by recustomizing the Rules, EXECs, solutions, and BBPARM members in the new release, or by reviewing the new members shipped by MainView AutoOPERATOR to see what changes are made in the new release that you can use in your user-modified version.

You can activate any new parameters or parameter values either by editing the BBPARM member, changing the value, and restarting the BBI-SS PAS, or by using the Dynamic Parameter Manager application, which does not require a BBI-SS PAS restart.

Some compatibility limitations exist between MainView AutoOPERATOR 7.4 Rules and Rules from earlier releases. See What has changed about Rules for information about enhancements that were made to Rules and the compatibility limitations and see What has changed about EXECs for information about changes that were made to EXECs.

The following sections include important discussions such as:

  • what changes have been made to existing parameters, Rules, and EXECs

  • what else has changed with the MainView AutoOPERATOR 8.1 release

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