Managing objects across sysplexes with layering

When you are defining objects within a single sysplex, TOM provides facilities such as modeling that you can use to create identical or similar objects from a single model definition. You can also use the features in the layering option to define and manage many similar objects that are running on multiple LPARs or sysplexes. Layering creates objects and sets that you can deploy to other sysplexes. This process minimizes the number of times that you have to define or update objects and sets (and their associated definitions).

For example, almost all z/OS systems need to have JES, VTAM, TSO, and other objects defined on each system in each sysplex. In addition, each z/OS system can have multiple CICS and IBM WebSphere objects defined. If you have 30 z/OS systems spread among 12 sysplexes, defining and managing objects for all of these systems is a big task. To change the definition of the VTAM object, you can make the change in the layer object and easily copy or dynamically propagate the updates to all other objects, on multiple sysplexes.

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