Managing daylight saving time and time-initiated automation

MainView AutoOPERATOR version 6.5 and later supports running time-initiated EXECs and time-initiated Rules through a daylight saving time change without requiring you to recycle MainView AutoOPERATOR.

In earlier releases of MainView AutoOPERATOR, when you changed the MVS Local Time to observe daylight saving time, time-initiated EXECs and time-initiated Rules would not detect the change in the MVS Local Time; you had to restart the MainView AutoOPERATOR address space.

You must still carefully review your time-initiated EXECs or time-initiated Rules to determine how the time change might affect your automation. As the examples in Scenarios show, you might discover that the time-initiated automation might execute more or fewer times depending on whether the MVS Local Time is changed to an earlier or later hour.


MainView AutoOPERATOR version 6.5.xx and later supports time changes in accordance with official daylight saving time practices. Other arbitrary time changes of the MVS Local Time are not supported. In particular, time changes that also cause the date to change (changes across the midnight boundary) are not supported. In the even you require this type of time change, change the time and then ensure that you stop and restart (recycle) the MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS.

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