MainView AutoOPERATOR applications organization

MainView AutoOPERATOR allows operators to interact with many other applications that might be running on your system.

Figure 1 illustrates some of the areas that MainView AutoOPERATOR communicates with.

Figure 1. MainView AutoOPERATOR applications overview

MainView AutoOPERATOR applications use an online ISPF-like dialog interface (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. MainView AutoOPERATOR primary option panel

---------------------------- MAINVIEW AutoOPERATOR ----------------------------
OPTION ===>                                               DATE   -- YYYY/MM/DD
                                                          TIME   -- HH:MM:SS
Operator Workstations                                     USERID -- USER  
   1 ALERTS        ALERT Management                       MODE   -- ISPF 5.9
   2 MVS           OS/390 or z/OS Resources
   3 CICS          CICS Resources
   4 IMS           IMS Resources
   5 NETVIEW       NetView Resources
   6 TAPESHARE     Tape Drive Management
   7 MQ            IBM MQ

   8 AUTOMATION    Basic and Advanced Automation
   9 PARMS         Dynamic Parameter Manager

General Services
   C CYCLE         Service Refresh Cycle Setup
   J JOURNAL       Journal Log
   G LOGJRNL       Journal Log (Windows Mode)
   M MESSAGES      Messages and Codes
   P PERFORMANCE   Performance and History (Windows Mode)

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Topics in this section briefly describe the applications that you can access from the MainView AutoOPERATOR primary option panel and where you can find additional documentation.

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