Introduction to MainView TOM

MainView TOM, also referred to as TOM, provides a basic infrastructure that manages a variety of objects in a z/OS sysplex environment.

TOM operates in its own product address space (PAS), which is associated with a single MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS. The MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS acts as a server to TOM, providing event detection and IBM REXX EXEC interpretation. With TOM, you can manage objects on a single system or throughout a sysplex and use MainView AutoOPERATOR variables in object definitions.

TOM provides user and programming interfaces that you can use to:

  • Define Started Tasks, USS processes, or Workload Manager Resources (WLM Resources) to TOM as individual objects or grouped together in sets

  • Set up calendar dependencies to specify when objects should be stopped or started

  • Associate automation commands with an object that can be scheduled before TOM starts an object, after the object starts, before TOM stops the object, and after the object stops

  • Define multiple systems on which an object is eligible to be started

  • Determine which available systems an object can be started on or moved to

  • Determine when an object should be active

TOM also provides:

  • An export utility that creates an EXEC containing TOMEXEC API ADD statements.

    The resulting EXEC can be edited and scheduled to import definitions to a registry.

  • Commands that control objects, sets, systems, and definition bases from the z/OS operator console

  • MainView views that manage objects and sets of objects from either a 3270 session or MainView Explorer.

  • A log that captures TOM activity (including the starting and stopping of objects).

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