This chapter describes the EXEC Management application and how you can use it.

The EXEC Management application allows you to

  • schedule an EXEC to run

  • select an EXEC for testing

  • browse the contents of an EXEC

  • enable and disable currently executing EXECs

The EXEC Management application also allows you to see things such as:

  • how many EXECs you have currently executing

  • which EXECs are currently executing

  • how many EXECs you have queued to Normal or High priority queues

  • how many times a specific EXEC has executed since the last subsystem start

  • how much CPU time a specific EXEC has used

  • how many times a specific EXEC has abended

Every time an EXEC is executed in MainView AutoOPERATOR, CPU consumption statistics are saved. The only conditions where statistics are not kept for a specific EXEC is where the EXEC is initiated using

  • the TSO command EX (for example, TSO EX EXECABC)

  • the REXX CALL command

  • the CLIST SYSCALL command

The CPU time used for these EXECs is added to the calling EXEC.

Individual statistics also are not kept for EXECs called as external REXX functions.

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