The IMSa event type is a subset event type of the IMS event type.

IMSa events appear on Rule Processor panels when the selection criteria for a Rule initiated by IMS specifies MLSEG Minor = ALL.

The IMSa event type applies to:

  • IMS multisegment messages (IMS messages sent in multisegment format through the AOI exit)

  • Command response segments to IMS commands issued from a MainView AutoOPERATOR EXEC with response

A Rule with MLSEG Minor = ALL specified is not evaluated until the entire MLSEG message has been received. In other words, it does not fire until IMS has sent the last segment of a message (or last response for a command), or the maximum time to wait between receiving segments (IMSMSTIM) has been reached.


When you specify MLSEG Minor = ALL, you must also specify values for the selection criteria fields Text ID or Text String.

In addition, when you specify MLSEG Minor = ALL, the Rule cannot take the action of suppressing or rewording the message. Therefore, the action fields Display at Dest and Reword Msg (which normally appear for IMS Rules on the Action Specification panel), do not appear when you specify MLSEG Minor = ALL.

BMC Software recommends that you use the variables &LINEx_WORDn on the Variable Dependencies panel so that you can create Rules that fire based on specific content of the MLSEG where

  • &LINEx resolves to the segment of the MLSEG where &LINE1 contains the contents of the major segment of the MLSEG and &LINE2 through &LINEn contains each succeeding minor segment

  • WORDn resolves to words on the first (major) segment

    Individual &WORDn variables that are not part of an &LINEn stem variable always refer to words on &LINE1 (the major line).

MLSEG Minor = ALL should be specified only in IMS-initiated Rules that need to access the complete IMS multisegment message in the Rule and take actions, other than Journal=YES. The Journal=YES action logs the complete multisegment messages to the Journal by default when MLSEG Minor is not specified.

See Example 1: creating a Rule with MLSEG Minor = ALL.

See Selecting INDIVIDUAL for information about this event type and the automation strategy INDIVIDUAL.

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