Implementing support for MPF

This chapter describes how MainView AutoOPERATOR can coexist with the MVS Message Processing Facility (MPF). If your site does not use MPF, you can skip this chapter. 
The MVS Message Processing Facility (MPF) allows you to modify the attributes of write-to-operator messages (WTOs). For example, with MPF you can modify the appearance of a WTO (such as its color and highlighting) and suppress messages from consoles.

Previous releases of MainView AutoOPERATOR provided the HONORMPF=(YES | NO) parameter, which determined how MainView AutoOPERATOR automated WTOs with the MPF SUP keyword setting.

  • If HONORMPF is set to the default value of NO:


    all WTOs are eligible for MainView AutoOPERATOR automation (regardless of how the SUP keyword is set on the WTO).

  • If HONORMPF is set to YES:


only WTOs with the SUP keyword set to NO are eligible for MainView AutoOPERATOR automation.

You can specify that MainView AutoOPERATOR will determine which WTOs are eligible for automation by checking the WTO for both the SUP and the AUTO keyword setting.

The possible values of the MPF AUTO keyword are


where token is an up to 8-character user-specified token name. The token name can contain wildcards and blanks.

The possible values of the MPF SUP keyword are



For more information about MPF, refer to the IBM publication MVS/ESA Initialization and Tuning Reference.

To check a WTO for its AUTO and SUP settings, use the MPFFILTR= parameter in BBPARM member AAOPRM00. For more information, refer to Implementation considerations for MPF.

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