Implementing Continuous State Manager

This section provides information to help you implement Continuous State Manager (CSM).

Performance considerations

The Continuous State Manager application is not available in MainView AutoOPERATOR PASes that use the Rules Management application. For more information about Rules Management, see Implementing Rules Management.

For the best performance results, add both CSM EXEC libraries, prefix. BBPROC and prefix. BBCLIB, to the Virtual Lookaside Facility (VLF). Refer to the IBM publication TSO Customization Guide for more information about VLF.

Define CSM EXECs (CSMUP, CSMDOWN, CSMBUILD, and CSMINIT) as high-priority EXECs in BBPARM member AAOEXP00. See Continuous operation with the Dynamic Parameter Manager, for more information about AAOEXP00 and high-priority EXECs.

This section includes the following topics:

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