Implementing Automatic Restart Manager (ARM)

This section describes implementing Automatic Restart Manager (ARM) and includes the following topics: 
The Automatic Restart Manager (ARM) is an IBM facility that allows the IBM MVS/ESA product to automatically restart Started Tasks (excluding TSO users) after abnormal termination.

By implementing support for ARM, you can ensure that MainViewAutoOPERATOR will be restarted quickly and automatically after an abend with no operator intervention required.

Previously, to ensure MainView AutoOPERATOR availability, you had to use a second MainView AutoOPERATOR to monitor the primary MainView AutoOPERATOR subsystem or use an outboard processing facility. If the primary MainView AutoOPERATOR abended, user-defined automation routines in the secondary MainView AutoOPERATOR (or outboard facility) would attempt to restart MainView AutoOPERATOR.

ARM elminates the need for a secondary MainView AutoOPERATOR system (or outboard) to monitor MainView AutoOPERATOR availability and can simplify MainView AutoOPERATOR restarts by allowing MVS to monitor and restart MainView AutoOPERATOR.

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