IMFEXEC NetView command processor

The IMFEXEC NetView command processor represents the EXEC link between the MainView AutoOPERATOR address space and any NetView system.

The MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS that issues EXEC does not need to be the associated MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS of the target NetView.

With NetView, you can schedule a NetView CLIST, a REXX EXEC, or a command in the target NetView system.

When the NETVIEW command terminates, the IMFCC variable contains one of the following values:




command executed successfully


MainView AutoOPERATOR for NetView not installed in target or not started


partial response returned for a command

That is, fewer lines were returned than what the Count() parameter specified.


jobname not available or invalid


request timed out


syntax error in command


response to the command was not received and the exit is not active

This value could mean the exit is not active in NetView or is installed improperly.

The syntax for the command is

command' WAIT(
wsec) COUNT(
number_of_lines)    JOBNAME(

The parameters for IMFEXEC NETVIEW are described in the following table:









STEM( stem)

schedules a NetView CLIST, REXX EXEC, or NetView command




' command'

is any valid NetView command

This command must be non-conversational because the EXEC cannot reply to any generated prompts.


is the number of seconds the EXEC waits for the successful execution of the command.

You do not have to wait if the results do not need to be checked. The default is 10 seconds.


allows you to specify how many lines are expected to be returned to Access NV from the NetView command (or EXEC); valid values are 0 through 79

When you specify COUNT(0), Access NV does not process any responses, thereby returning control to the MainView AutoOPERATOR EXEC more quickly. In addition:

  • Specifying COUNT() with no numeric value entered means that the IMFEXEC NETVIEW command is processed as if the COUNT parameter was not specified at all

  • Specifying COUNT(0) means that no response is sent back to the issuing EXEC. The IMFCC variable contains a value of 0000. Note that COUNT(0) is not processed the same as not specifying COUNT at all

  • Specifying COUNT(80) or higher generates an error message that says COUNT MUST BE 0-79. This error is part of the EM0022E journal message

  • If you specify COUNT(yy) and you receive fewer than yy lines back, you will also receive an IMFCC variable value of 0006

  • How long Access NV waits for responses depends on what you specify for both the COUNT() and WAIT() parameters. If you specify COUNT(79) and WAIT(2), if only 40 lines are returned in the 2 second wait period, then the command returns with 40 lines and an IMFCC = 0006.

  • If you specify COUNT(10) and WAIT(5) and the NetView command or EXEC produces more than 10 lines of output in less than 5 seconds, only the number of lines that you requested that you requested are returned to the EXEC. Response is considered complete.


is the name of a NetView address space where the command is to be issued

MainView AutoOPERATOR for NetView must be installed in this address space. If you do not specify the jobname, the default for this command is the jobname specified on the NETVIEW parameter in BBPARM member BBISSP00.


(optional) returns NetView responses in REXX stem TSO variables where the value of stem.0 resolves to the number of lines returned

Specify a stem root name for the REXX stem variable by using the following guidelines:

  • The maximum length of the value that you can specify is 8 characters.

  • The value must conform to standard REXX variable naming rules.

  • Compound REXX stem variables are not supported.

Note: This parameter is valid only for REXX EXECs. If used in a CLIST, an error is returned.

If the stem name ends in a period (.), MainView AutoOPERATOR processing ignores the period. For example, specifying STEM(MYVAR.) produces the same result as specifying STEM(MYVAR).

Using this parameter overrides the creation of LINEn variables in the LOCAL variable pool. The REXX stem variable is only defined as a TSO variable.

If you want to use the stem variables as LOCAL variables, you must first use IMFEXEC VPUT to move them to the LOCAL pool. These REXX stem variables conform to all TSO/E REXX coding standards for stem variables.

When the request is completed, the MainView AutoOPERATOR variable IMFNOL contains the actual number of lines of output generated by NetView in response to this command. The individual lines are placed into the local variables LINE1 through LINEnn. The current maximum data to be returned is approximately 7000 characters.

For example


issues the NetView MAJNODES command in the NetView address space CNM01. It allows up to 15 seconds to return the results to the EXEC before timing out.


Invoking a full screen processor causes an error message to be returned to the EXEC. The person who writes the EXEC must ensure that only line-mode type output is produced. A maximum of approximately 7000 characters of data can be retrieved by using a single call.

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