This section describes how to implement support for using IMFEXEC CMD TYPE(ZLINUX) and IMFEXEC CMD TYPE(VM) commands and includes the following topics:

Prerequisites for supporting IMFEXEC CMD TYPE(ZLINUX)

You can use the IMFEXEC CMD TYPE(ZLINUX) command to access the Linus Torvalds Linux environment from any MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS that has CAS connectivity to a MainView for Linux - Servers product, and is monitoring a zLinux system.

Similarly you can use IMFEXEC CMD TYPE(VM) to access VM environments that are being monitored by MainView for Linux - Servers.

Install MainView for Linux — Servers

You must install and configure MainView for Linux - Servers version 1.4.00 or later on the target Linux and VM systems.

See the MainView for Linux -- Servers Customization Guide for information about installing and customizing the MainView for Linux -- Servers product.

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