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This space contains information about the 8.2.00 version of the MainView AutoOPERATOR product.
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MainView AutoOPERATOR Customization Guide


Post-installation customization procedures

MainView AutoOPERATOR Basic Automation Guide Volume 1 Using Rules


Contains information about performing system automation with MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules using the Rules Processor application.

MainView AutoOPERATOR Basic Automation Guide Volume 2


Contains information about how to use basic automation applications such as the ALERT Management Facility, the windows-mode Automation Reporter and Automation Logger and other applications.

MainView AutoOPERATOR Advanced Automation Guide


Contains information about MainView AutoOPERATOR EXECs and how to perform automation using the IMFEXEC, AOEXEC, and other API commands.

MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ Installation and User Guide


Contains information about automating IBM MQ events with MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ Rules, EXECs and solutions.

MainView AutoOPERATOR Options User Guide


Contains documentation about MainView AutoOPERATOR product options that include options for automating IBM CICS, IMS, z/OS, as well as Access NV and TapeShare.

MainView AutoOPERATOR Solutions Guide


Contains documentation about MainView AutoOPERATOR product solutions.

MainView Total Object Manager User Guide


Contains information about how to customize and use MainView Total Object Manager.

MainView AutoOPERATOR BMC Impact Integration User Guide


This section explains how to implement and use the BMC Impact Integration for z/OS component of MainView AutoOPERATOR.



Information about installing and maintaining the product.



BMC messages from the following product lines:

  • BMC products for DB2
  • BMC products for IMS
  • Cost Optimization products
  • MainView products

PDFs and videos

This topic provides access to PDFs and videos that support this product. It also explains how to create your own custom PDFs.

Creating a custom PDF

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This section lists videos that supplement the text-based documentation.

This library offers Quick Courses related to BMC AMI Ops Automation for z/OS:


Automated Deployment11:44
Chained Rule Groups7:11
Email and SNMP rule actions8:37
Parmlib Member Editor10:46

Using the new Rules built-in functions


Using the rules processor


Solutions Configuration


MainView AutoOPERATOR - What's New in 7.4

MainView AutoOPERATOR - What's new in 8.26:37
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Deleting and managing expiration dates for arrays7:32
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Dumping Address and Data Spaces6:48
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Exporting Arrays to Spreadsheets10:24
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Limiting Returned View Data4:28
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Using View Parameters4:51
(Collect Diagnostics Rules Action series) Overview and Basic Usage12:01
(Rules Management series) Rules Administration Overview9:14
(Rules Management series) Importing Existing Rulesets7:06
(Rules Management series) Using PAS definitions (PASDefs)7:49
(Rules Management series) Using Setbases and Rulesets7:30
(Rules Management series) Using Rule Pools and Rules7:32
MainView TOM What's new in version 8.211:06


FAQs and additional resources

This topic answers common questions and explains how to access additional resources, including BMC Support.

Frequently asked questions

This section answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the documentation portal.

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