Expanding the PROFILE pool data set

This appendix discusses the XTLOAD utility that is located in BBSAMP member XTJCL. You use this utility to expand the PROFILE pool data set.

The PROFILE variables are stored in the PROFILE pool data set. When this data set becomes full, you must allocate and initialize a new, larger data set.

You can use the XTLOAD utility to copy all the PROFILE variables from the old data set into the new data set. You can identify a full PROFILE pool data set if requests to the data set from IMFEXEC VPUT or IMFEXEC VPUTL fail with return codes of 20 or 8 respectively.


Do not use IEBGENER to copy the smaller data set into the new, larger data set. You must use the XTLOAD utility for MainView AutoOPERATOR to recognize the additional space.

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