Determining how many consoles to allocate

This section describes how to determine how many consoles MainView AutoOPERATOR needs to allocate to function effectively.

EMCS consoles are a shared resource. MainView AutoOPERATOR allocates an EMCS console to an EXEC when it is scheduled and also when a TS user issues an MVS command, an EMCS console is allocated for the duration of the MVS command. In both these cases, the console is in use until the command response has been received or the time out period expires.

Generally a small number of EMCS consoles can satisfy the needs of many EXECs and TS users. If an EXEC requires an EMCS console and all of the consoles are currently in use, the EXEC waits until one becomes available.

For best performance

  1. Determine the maximum number of EXECs that will issue MVS commands concurrently.


    The optimum number of EXECs threads is typically the lowest number needed to provide adequate throughput for your workload.

  2. Determine the maximum number of TS users that are likely to issue MVS commands concurrently.

  3. Add these two numbers.

  4. Specify the total number in the CONSOLES parameter in member BBISSP00.

For example if you anticipate total of 5 EXECs and 2 TS users might all issue a MVS command simultaneously, in BBPARM member BBISSP00 specify



The Continuous State Manager (CSM) application requires a minimum of three EMCS consoles.

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