Customizing MainView AutoOPERATOR (for IMS) application panels

This section describes how to modify the MainView for AutoOPERATOR for IMS panels.
All MainView AutoOPERATOR displays are based on panels stored in the distribution data set BBPLIB.

Each panel consists of fixed and variable data.

BBI provides a variety of displayable variables. The linkage between a variable displayed on the screen and one maintained by the BMC Software Dialog Manager is associated with a variable number, such as V12 or V13, in the appropriate field on the panel. The Dialog Manager displays only the selected subset of the variables coded in the body of the panel definition.


You must copy any customized or modified panel into UBBPLIB and concatenate it ahead of the BBPLIB panel library.

You can change MainView AutoOPERATOR panels to suit your needs. BBPLIB member EAAPPL is an example. EAAPPL defines the STATUS/EXCEPTION application panel. All the status application variables are described as comments in the panel definition. Do the following steps to change the variables to be displayed:


  • Modify the constant information on the screen that describes each variable, such as the titles or the variable labels.

  • Modify the variable number (Vnn where nn is a predefined number listed in a panel library member). The variable number corresponds to the data item to be displayed.

For example, the response-time labels on the STATUS/EXCEPTION application panel (EAAPPL) can be changed to identify your site's application names. The EAAPPL panel shows the first three response monitors started by MainView for IMS Online.

For example, if the first three monitors started were

* Response Time Monitors




The labels for the response-time plots displayed on the EAAPPL screen could be changed to




ADDPART >>>>>>>>>


The labels can be any alphanumeric characters and they should be meaningful to your site.

Because the data from only three response monitors is displayed on the EAAPPL panel, the most important monitors should be started first. A group request can be issued with the TARGET=,BLK=,USRID= parameter when IMS starts, as described in the MainView for IMS Online Analyzers, Monitors, and Traces Reference Manual. This command ensures that the three response monitors are always started in the same sequence. If the startup of the response monitors changes, the labels on the EAAPPL panel need to be edited to identify these first three response monitors.

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