Creating a Rule for CICS multiline messages

The Selection Criteria panel for CICS events allows you to create Rules that fire for multiline transient data queue (MLTDQ) messages.

Based on the specification in the field MLTDQ, a CICS Rule can process a CICS MLTDQ as a single entity (specify MLTDQ ===> ALL), or it can process only the first line of the message.

The following example shows how to use variables on the Variable Dependencies panel in a Rule to refine the selection criteria and process the lines of a CICS MLTDQ message, DFHXS1111. Line 1 of the message is:

DFHXS1111 08/30/2011 23:21:26 CI10 CEMT Security violation by user CI10 for resource CI10.TASK in class CCICSCMD. SAF

Line 2 of the message is:

codes are (X'00000008',X'00000000'). ESM codes are (X'00000008',X'00000000').

Creating a rule

  1. Complete the Selection Criteria - CICS panel as follows:
    BMC Software  ------------- Selection Criteria - CICS ------------ AutoOPERATOR
    COMMAND ===>                                                 TGT  --- JBAO     
           Rule-set === AAORUL00             Rule-id  === DFHXS111                 
    Text Description:                                                              
    Text ID     ===> DFHXS1111                         First word of TDQ msg/cmd   
    Text String (Enter Below):                                                     
    CICS TDQ    ===>                                   CICS Transient Data Queue   
    Issuer Identification:                                                         
    Job name    ===> AAOCT42J                          Jobname of CICS             
    Type        ===>                                   (JOB, STC, or TSO)          
    Jobclass    ===>                                   Job class of issuer         
    Acct Info   ===>                                   Job accounting information  
    RACF User   ===>                                   RACF Userid                 
    RACF Group  ===>                                   RACF Group name             
    MLTDQ       ===> All                               All or blank                
    Press ENTER to continue, END return to Detail Control, CANCEL to cancel changes

    Because this panel specifies MLTDQ ===> ALL, the Rule will process all lines of the CICS multiline message as a single entity.


    For a CICS multiline message, the Rule compares the selection criteria values to the content of only the first (major) line of the MLTDQ.

  2. Press Enter to continue to the Variable Dependencies - CICS panel as shown in the following figure.

    A Rule can fire based on selected content within the MLTDQ (such as the message ID of the major line, user ID, resource name, SAF codes, and so on). In this example, LINE1_WORD10 tells the Rule Processor to check the value of the tenth word in line 1 of the message; the processor determines whether that word resolves to CI10 (as specified under Variable-Value). Also, LINE2_WORD7:4:8 tells the processor to check the seventh word in line 2, starting in position 4 with a length of 8, to see if that value resolves to 0000008. If both variables (based on the panel's AND entry) resolve, the Rule will fire.

    Figure 1. Variable Dependencies for MLTDQ ===> ALL

    BMC Software  ------------ Variable Dependencies - CICS ---------- AutoOPERATOR
    COMMAND ===>                                                 TGT  --- JBAO     
           Rule-set === AAORUL00             Rule-id  === DFHXS111                 
     Variable-name                    Op  Variable-Value                      AND  
     LINE1_WORD10____________________ EQ  CI10_______________________________  AND 
     LINE2_WORD7:4:8_________________ EQ  00000008___________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________  ___ 
     ________________________________ __  ___________________________________      
    --> ATTENTION: Use ASV command to add ASV criteria to the rule <--
  3. Press Enter until the Alert Action(s) I - CICS panel is displayed as shown in the following figure.

    The entries in the following figure specify that when the Rule fires, a MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERT is created, containing the information from the CICS MLTDQ message DFHXS1111.

    Figure 2. Alert Action(s) I - CICS for MLTDQ ===> ALL

    BMC Software -------------- Alert Action(s) I - CICS ------------- AutoOPERATOR
    COMMAND ===>                                                 TGT  --- JB73     
           Rule-set === AAORUL00             Rule-id  === DFHXS111                 
    Function ===> ADD                               (ADD, DELETE, DELETEQ)         
    Key      ===> &IMFRLID.&SYSTIME.&XS1111INDEX                                   
    Queues   ===> CICSSEC                           Alert Queue Name(s)            
    Priority ===> MINOR                             (CRIT,MAJ,MIN,WARN,INFO,CLEAR) 
    Color    ===>                                   RED,PINK,YEL,DKBL,LTBL,GRE,WHI 
    PCMD     ===>                                                                  
    System   ===>                                   Return to target after PCMD    
    * EXEC   ===>                                   Follow-up EXEC                 
    Help     ===>                                   Associated HELP Panel          
    Targets  ===>                                   Target System                  
    Udata    ===>                                   User Data                      
    Origin   ===>                                   Origin                         
    User     ===>                                   Userid                         
    Alarm    ===>                                   Sound Alarm (YES/NO)           
    Publish  ===>                                   Alert Publishing Mode          
    * Enter a question mark(?) and blank for more options.
  4. Press Enter to continue through the remaining panels and save the Rule.

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