Continuous operation with the Dynamic Parameter Manager

The Dynamic Parameter Manager (DPM) is a panel-driven application where you can view or modify parameters in BBPARM members from a TS session. The BBPARM members currently supported by DPM are as follows:

BBPARM member name

Contains parameters to set


MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERT thresholds


MainView AutoOPERATOR Automation Reporter parameters


MainView AutoOPERATOR EXEC parameters


MainView AutoOPERATOR general function parameters


TapeSHARE for MainView AutoOPERATOR parameters

Additionally, the DPM application has an Activate command that can be used to dynamically change the BBPARM members that a BBI-SS PAS currently uses without restarting the BBI-SS PAS.

Windows-mode parameter editor

MainView AutoOPERATOR supports a windows-mode parameter editor.  This editor allows you to edit and manage the MainVIew AutoOPERATOR BBPARM members and the following BBPARM members:

  • BBIISPxx
  • BBIJNTxx
  • BBINODxx
  • BBISSPxx
  • BBIVARxx
  • BBIXSPxx
  • AAOMQLxx
  • AAOMQMxx
  • AAOPLXxx
  • AAOTRNxx

You can access the PASPARM view from the EZAO view by clicking on the Parameter Members link:

ddmmmyyyy 13:26:19 -------------------------------- MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.2.00)
CURR WIN ===> 1 ALT WIN ===>
W1 =EZAO=====EZAOADM==AGSDL81D=*========ddmmmyyyy==13:41:23====MVAO=====D====1===
  General                                           Utility
  .About                +---------------------+     .List of Views
  .PAS Information      | Place cursor on     |     .List of User Views
  .Parameter Members    | choice and press    |     .List of Screens
  >Dynamic Parm Manager | ENTER               |
                        +---------------------+     .Quit/Disconnect

Use the PASPARM view to access the parameter editor and see the list of the BBPARM members that you can edit. You can also enter the following command to directly edit a BBARM member:

PARMEDT bbparmMemberName

For example, to edit the BBPARM member AAOPRM21, enter:


For more information, you can view this quick course video: Using the Parameter Editor.

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