Considerations for OMVS and TCP/IP

The MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS might use TCP/IP services. If the BBI-SS PAS uses TCP/IP services, the BBI-SS PAS must have access to an OMVS segment with superuser authority.

Some examples of processing within the MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS that might use TCP/IP services include:

  • The General Message Exchange (GME)
  • TCP-based solutions (such as EXECs QAOMTP2, QAOSNPP2, QAOALMP2, QAOALMP5, and QAOSNMP2)
  • Any user-written automation that uses the commands NETSTAT or PING.

When TCP/IP services are in use, a basic UNIX System Services segment is required. In addition, it is required that TCP/IP is up and running before the MainView AutoOPERATOR BBI-SS PAS requires TCP/IP services.

Refer to the section Managing cross system communication in the MainView Administration Guide for information about how to define a TCP/IP connections and additional information about OMVS.

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