The CICa event type is a subset of the CICS event type.

CICa events appear on Rule Processor panels when the selection criteria for a CICS-initiated Rule specifies MLTDQ ==> ALL.

The CICa event type applies to CICS Extrapartition or Intrapartition Transient Data messages.

A Rule with MLTDQ ==> ALL specified does not fire unless the entire multiline transient data queue (MLTDQ) message has been received. It fires only when CICS has sent the last line of a message, or the maximum time to wait between receiving lines has been reached.


For a CICS-initiated Rule, when you specify MLTDQ ==> ALL, you must also specify values for the selection criteria field Text ID or Text String.

In addition, when you specify MLTDQ ==> ALL, the Rule cannot suppress or reword the message. Therefore, the Display at Dest and Reword Msg fields on the Action Specification panel (which normally appear for CICS-initiated Rules on the Action Specification panel) do not appear when you specify MLTDQ ==> ALL.

BMC recommends that you use the variables &LINEx_WORDn on the Variable Dependencies panel so that you can create Rules that fire based on specific content of the MLTDQ. The variables are as follows:

  • &LINEx resolves to the line of the MLTDQ message.

    &LINE1 contains the contents of the major line of the MLTDQ, and &LINE2 through &LINEx contain the subsequent minor lines.

  • WORDn resolves to words on &LINEx.

    Individual &WORDn variables that are not part of an &LINEx stem variable always refer to words on &LINE1 (the major line).

MLTDQ ==> ALL should be specified in CICS-initiated Rules that need to access the complete CICS multiline message in the Rule and take actions.

For an example, see Creating a Rule for CICS multiline messages.

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