Changing the registry size

After you begin working with TOM you might find that the size of the registry that you allocated is not large enough.

When the VLDS cluster for the RTCS system registry needs to be resized or deleted and reallocated for any other reason, you must take a backup of the registry. The backup is not a copy of the data set image. The backup will be used to restore or prime the registry by providing the data and instructions necessary to restore the data in the registry data space and the VLDS that backs it.

To change the size of the registry

  1. Make sure the Automatic registry backup facility is implemented. See Automated Registry Backup facility for more information.
  2. Stop all the TOM PASs in the TOMPLEX. The owning TOM PAS will take a backup as part of its termination if the Automated Registry Backup facility is implemented.
  3. Delete and reallocate the registry VLDS, following the procedures outlined in the MainView Customization Reference and specifying a larger size or use the instructions in Step1 of the TOMALLOC BBSAMP/UBBSAMP sample JCL with a larger number of megabytes or cylinders specified.
  4. Follow the procedures for the PRIMEDD parameter for restoring registry data.

    For more information about PRIMEDD, see Using the TOM offload and upload utility and TOM console commands coding conventions.

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