Assigning labels to PF keys

This topic explains how to assign labels to PF keys.

To display labels assigned to the PF keys

Enter the ISPF command PFSHOW on the COMMAND line.

The PF key definitions or labels are displayed on the last two lines of your current panel, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. PF keys label display

PF1=HELP     2=SPLIT     3=END     4=PRINT     5=LOG      6=GO
PF7=UP       8=DOWN      9=SWAP   10=LEFT     11=RIGHT   12=RETRIEVE

If there is no label assignment, the first eight characters of the key value are shown.

To assign labels to keys

  1. Use the KEYS command or K Option from the Primary Option Menu to display the input panel as shown in Using program function (PF) key definitions in MainView AutoOPERATOR.
  2. Enter the value in the LABEL field of the input panel.
  3. Press Enter to alternate between the input panel for PF keys 1 through 12 and 13 through 24.

    Changes are in effect until the end of the terminal session.

To save your changes in your BBPROF data set

Use the SAVE command.

To turn off the PF key display

Enter the command PFSHOW OFF.

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