PERFORMANCE REPORTER is the MainView for CICS batch report facility. This chapter gives a short introduction to PERFORMANCE REPORTER and the various types of reports you can create.
The following figure shows the process used to create reports with PERFORMANCE REPORTER and the various types of reports you can create with the sample programs provided by PERFORMANCE REPORTER.

CICS transaction and statistical data are gathered by data collectors and stored on specialized VSAM data sets. Frequently, long-term reports are created from data that has been archived to tape.

Report creation process

Reports are created by running standard JCL batch programs. Samples of these batch programs are located in your site’s BBSAMP data set. As a user, you edit copies of these samples and modify them to your site’s conditions.

Normally, control statements are added to a report job. Some statements select the data from the VSAM data sets that you want to appear in a report. Other control statements specify how a report should be formatted.

The following parts of this book give examples from each report type and the control statements that are needed to produce specific reports.

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