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Understanding MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ

This section provides an introduction to terms and concepts used for the IBM MQ product and the BMC component MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ.

MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ is a password key-activated MainView AutoOPERATOR product component that allows you to automate IBM MQ events.

The IBM MQ product uses the concept of messaging and queuing, where a message is a collection of data or information sent by one application to another. The message (or events) can be sent to a different computer where it resides in a queue until it is retrieved by the other application. The computer can be in a remote location and it can even use a different platform.

MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ can listen for IBM MQ events and provide automated responses to the events. This process is accomplished through creating MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules. MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ also provides an EXEC interface where you can issue IBM MQ commands and receive responses with a set of IMFEXEC statements created specifically for IBM MQ.



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