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BBPARM member BBISSPxx parameters

MainView AutoOPERATOR version 7.3 includes BBPARM member BBISSPxx parameter DMABTIM that allows you to specify a time limit (in minutes) within which abends will disable the BBI-SS PAS SSI routine.

Deciding what to specify for this parameter is important because when the BBI-SS PAS SSI routine is disabled, all Rules-based automation processing becomes disabled. For example, you might want to specify that 50 abends occurring within 1 minute (DMABTIM=50) is more severe than 50 occurring abends within 10 hours (DMABTIM=6000).

If the BBI-SS PAS SSI routine is disabled because more than 50 abends have occurred with the specified time limit, you must perform a COLD START of MainView AutoOPERATOR to re-establish the SSI routines, and turn Rules-based automation back on.

If you do not specify a time limit with the DMABTIM parameter, the BBI-SS PAS SSI component is disabled when the 51st abend occurs since the last COLD START of the PAS.

In addition, when you specify the DMABTIM parameter, the QAODUMP EXEC (located in the BBPROC) is scheduled to run in MainView AutoOPERATOR and obtain a console dump of the BBI-SS PAS. This console dump can provide critical diagnostic information to BMC customer support. You can specify your own EXEC with the DMABEXEC parameter.

Refer to Table 1 for more information about the DMABTIM and DMABEXEC parameters.

Table 1. BBISSPxx parameters

BBISSPxx parameter


DMABTIM= [0| 1-999999] (minutes)

specify the number of minutes during which 50 abends disables the BBI-SS SSI component


Specifying 0 minutes indicates that the BBI-SS PAS SSI routine should not be disabled because of abends occurring and continue processing regardless of how many abends occur within this component. Therefore, specifying 0 could lead to system degradation or a system outage and you should only specify 0 after careful consideration.


specify an EXEC name that MainView AutoOPERATOR schedules when it detects the 51st abend within the period of time specified by the DMABTIM parameter

You must use the DMABEXEC parameter in conjunction with the DMABTIM parameter.If you specify a value for DMABEXEC and not for DMABTIM, the value is ignored.

If you omit this parameter and you specify a value for DMABTIM, MainView AutoOPERATOR schedules the EXEC QAODUMP to obtain a console dump.

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