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Automation for IBM MQ events

The following lists examples where MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules can be used to automate IBM MQ events:
  • Generate a MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERT whenever a message is put on the dead letter queue.

  • Offload messages when a queue has reached its threshold

  • Recover IBM MQ channels when a failure occurs.

  • Generate a command that will move messages from a system queue that has reached its capacity to an IBM z/OS generation data set.

  • Issue an ALERT to notify operations when messages that are set to be received at a specified rate are not received at that rate.

  • Issue an ALERT to notify operations whenever the queue size reaches a given threshold.

MainView AutoOPERATOR provides solutions that you can immediately use for these situations. For more information, refer to Using MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ solutions.

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