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We are no longer updating this version of the documentation for the infrastructure components (DBC, LGC, and NGL).  You can no longer leave comments on it. 

For the latest version of the documentation, see Common Mainframe Infrastructure 2022 release Open link .

BMC Infrastructure Components Administration Guide

The information in this section explains how to manage and deploy the following global infrastructure components that certain mainframe BMC products use:

  • Version 10.1.00 of DB2 Component Services (DBC)
  • Version 10.1.00 of DB2 Product Configuration (LGC)
  • Version 10.3.00 of Next Generation Logger (NGL)

For more information, see:

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  1. Jan Lieberman

    I WANT A PDF of the ENTIRE DOCUMENT NOT BITS AN PIECES!!!!! Can you tell I am very frustrated by what passes for BMC documentation.

    Dec 22, 2017 09:28
    1. Sarig Scudder

      Hi, Jan.

      We appreciate hearing from you and getting your feedback!

      If you need PDFs, you can create custom PDFs of any content in the space. For example, let's assume that you need a PDF of the BMC Infrastructure Components Administration Guide:

      1. Go to the BMC Infrastructure Components Administration Guide topic.
      2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner (Tools menu).
      3. Select Export branch to PDF.

      Export branch to PDF generates a PDF of the parent topic and all of its child topics (in this case, the entire administration guide). To save a PDF of an individual topic, select Export to PDF, instead.

      As an example, I used Export branch to PDF to create the following PDFs of the administration guides for you. I hope this helps!

      Dec 25, 2017 09:11
  2. Howi Kok

    Same here. I got frustrated looking for relevant material every time, especially security related documentation. I seldom have such difficulty with other vendors, even the biggest one.

    Apr 19, 2022 03:43