Scheduling reports

You can schedule license usage reports to run at various intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.  The Schedule Reports tab displays the deployments that have been set up on the Manage Deployment tab.  The Last Run/Schedule Details of Selected Deployment section displays the details for the scheduled reports. 

If the scheduler service is running, it will gather license information for the deployments at their scheduled time. When a new deployment is scheduled for the first time, the following columns in the Last Run/Schedule Details of Selected Deployment section are blank: Last Run TimeStart Date Used and End Date Used. After the scheduled reports are executed, this section is updated with the real-time status for all fields. The scheduler.xml file is also updated. (The file is located in the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\user\repository.)

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To schedule reports


  • If the LUCService is stopped for any reason, the scheduler will automatically start the service and continue the report generation.
  • Scheduled reports cannot be edited, but you can delete them. 
  • If you want to schedule reports to run for more than a year, you will need to set up the Duration from the Custom option on the License Report tab. See Running reports
  1. Click the Schedule Reports tab.
  2. From the Select Deployments list, select a deployment (for example, Remedy AR System Server (ARS).
  3. In the Schedule Information column, click Configure Schedule.
  4. In the Configure Schedule for Selected Deployment section, from the Schedule Frequency to Run Reports list, select the recurrence (for example, Weekly).
  5. In the Schedule Starts from Date and Time fields, enter the start date (for example, 03/09/2016).
    To use the calendar, click the Calendar icon, then select the start date.
  6. In the Time field, type or select the time from the up or down arrows.  
  7. Click Schedule Report.
    The schedule is automatically saved. The details appear in the Last Run/Schedule Details of Selected Deployment section. 

To delete a scheduled report

  1. From the Last Run/Schedule Details of Selected Deployment list, in the Action column for the deployment, click Delete Schedule.
  2. On the Delete Schedule message, click Yes to delete.
    The scheduled report is removed from the list.


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