Enabling email notification of reports with SMTP

The License Utility can be configured to automatically send license usage reports via email. To use this feature, make sure you have scheduled the license reports, then configure the connection with the SMTP server, as described in this topic.


BMC recommends using a professional SMTP service, since using a free email provider does not ensure the correct delivery of your messages (especially if you want to send to a large number of recipients)..

Before you begin

Before you establish a connection with the SMTP server, you must know the following information:

  • Name of the SMTP server that will send emails 
  • Port that the specified SMTP server will use 

  • Email addresses that the License Utility will use to send and receive emails
  • Security level for the connection

To configure a connection with the SMTP server

  1. Select the SMTP Configuration tab.
  2. In the Host Name box, enter the SMTP server name.
  3. In the Port box, enter the port number that the SMTP server will use.
    Port 25 is the SMTP standard TCP port and is also the default port.  


    If the default port does not work, locate the non-default SMTP port on the server that is running your email application.

  4. In the From box, enter the email address of the sender.
    This will populate the From field in the License Utility email messages.
  5. In the To box, enter the email address of the recipient. 
    1. To send emails to multiple recipients, separate the email addresses with a semicolon.
      This email address will receive emails generated by the License Utility.
  6. If your SMTP server is configured to send authentication credentials:
    (Generally, non-default ports and free email providers require these authentication details.) 
    1. Select the Authentication Required check box.
    2. Enter the User Name and Password in the boxes.

      1. For Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, enter your email address in the User Name box and your email password in the Password box.

  7. If SMTP TLS/SSL is required, enter the following in the Properties section:
    1. In the Name box, enter the property name, for example: mail.smtp.ssl.enable.
    2. In the Value box, enter the property value, for example:  True.
    3. To add more properties fields, click Add Property.
  8. When you are finished, click Save.

To send a test email:

  1. Click Send Test Email.
  2. On the Email successfully sent message, click OK.


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