Adding deployments

The License Usage Collection Utility supports two models for deployment:  

1) The license utility installed on one computer and the BMC product installed on another and accessed remotely, or

2) The license utility installed on the same computer as the BMC product.

For BSA, ARS, and BPM Portal, see the note in the respective product's instructions for Windows servers where the license utility and the BMC product are installed on the same computer.


In order to run license reports, the BMC product name must be listed in the Select Deployments list on the License Reports tab.  If the product is not listed, see the following instructions.

To add a deployment from the License Report tab

The License Report tab provides a link to the Management Deployment tab so you can add deployments.

  1. Click the License Report tab, then click Add Deployment.
    The Manage Deployment tab opens. 
  2. Complete the following steps for the respective products, then return to step 4 on this page.

To add a deployment from the Manage Deployment tab

  1. Click the Manage Deployment tab, then click Add.


    If you do not see the Add button, you may be viewing the tab in edit mode. Click Cancel and you should see the Add button.

  2. In the Select Product list, select the BMC product, for example:  Remedy AR System Server (ARS).
  3. Complete the following steps for the respective products, then return to step 4 on this page.
  4. A confirmation message appears indicating that the deployment was saved or not. 

    The Validation Status column displays the outcome of the deployment (Success or Failed).  


    If the validation fails, in the Deployments section, select the product name, in the Edit Details section, re-enter the credentials, then click Save.

    The deployments are validated for each user session, so each time the application is launched, the system validates the deployment details.

    In the Deployments grid, the Product Name, Server Name, and Validation Status appears. 

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