Reports overview

The BMC License Usage Collection Utility enables you to view and email license usage reports for your BMC product deployments.  Each license report is specific to each BMC product; therefore, the file format and contents vary depending on the product. You can also view a report as a PDF. In addition, you can create dashboard bar charts to display license usage.  (See Dashboard overview.)

Following is a report summary for each product deployment.

Product deploymentReport contents summary
BMC Discovery (Discovery)
  • Lists the count of discovered servers in the data center.
  • For Discovery 11.2 and later: Lists the average number of discovered cloud resources and servers in the data center 
BMC Database Automation
  • List of installed BDA agents managed by respective BDA managers

BMC Network Automation

TrueSight Network Automation

  • Lists the Total Device Count


From version 8.9.03, the product name has been changed to TrueSight Network Automation.

BMC Server Automation

TrueSight Server Automation

  • Information about active agent count and various manager modules
  • For BSA version 8.7 and later, two report files are created:

    • <DeploymentID>_ BSAv87License_details.csv

    • <DeploymentID>_BSAv87License_summary.csv


From version 8.9.03, the product name has been changed to TrueSight Server Automation.

BMC Client Management 
  • Name—Displays the name of the license
    • The name can be either BMC Client Management for the basic license of the software, or the names of individually licensed modules, such as Remote Control
  • Count—Indicates for how many agents the basic license is valid
  • Available—Indicates the number of remaining licenses
  • Expiry date—Displays the expiration date if the license is a limited license, such as an evaluation license
  • Status—Displays whether the current License is valid, invalid, expiring, expired, or exceeded
BMC Performance Manager Portal (BPM Portal) 

The following reports include summarized and detailed information based on the managed server end points and physical CPU slots count.

Report nameReport contents summary
  • The summary of the server endpoint for each Performance Manager
    (The server endpoint is a unique host per each performance manager.)
  • The details of each host on which the particular Performance Manager is deployed
  • The summary of the physical CPU count for BMC Performance Manager Express for Microsoft Windows
    • If these hosts have other Performance Managers deployed, those details are provided as well


  • The details of each host on which BMC Performance Manager Express for Microsoft Windows is deployed
    • If these hosts have other Performance Managers deployed, those details are provided as well
  • This report displays the details of hosts for which the physical CPU cannot be detected. 
    • Examples include:
      • BMC Performance Manager Express for UNIX and Linux
      • BMC Performance Manager Express for Log Management Express solutions
  • The report also provides an explanation of why the CPU was not detected.
BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)
  • Count and List of RPD Servers
BMC Release Process Management (RPM)

Name—Unique name for the server
DNS/URLThe Domain Name System (DNS) or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for accessing the server
IP addressThe Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server
OS TypeThe operating system on which the server runs
Agent TypeThe appropriate agent type, if the server uses an agent NSH or SSH for connection (Agent Type information gets pulled for RPM 4.8 and 5.0 versions)

BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)
  • Lists all of the users of the specified tenant name and the last login time per device for the entire duration
Remedy AR System Server (ARS)
  • Maximum number of licenses that can be used concurrently (Currently Defined Limit)
  • Peak number of in-use floating licenses or assigned fixed licenses (Count)
TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)
  • Audit count for overall number of managed systems and number of managed systems imported from Capacity Agents and average number of server endpoints
TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) 
  • Lists the number of licenses used for each monitoring solution managed under Infrastructure Management with a high count
  • For TSOM 10.7 and later versions, for each connected TSIM component, you can view current count details and high count details in the following separate files along with existing summarized report:
      • <DeploymentID>_TSIM_TSIMSeverName_HC_LUCU.csv
      • <DeploymentID>_TSIM_TSIMSeverName_CC_LUCU.csv
      • <DeploymentID>_TSOMLicense_LUCU.csv

      You can also view all these report in PDF format.

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