Emailing reports

After reports are generated, you can email them as attachments from the License Report tab. 

You can append a prefix to the zip file name, so that:

  • the license compliance team can search for license report zip files received in the BMC mailbox that include the zip file prefixes provided by customers.
  • customers can easily find the license report zip file in their sent mailbox .

Zip file names are formatted as follows: The zip file contains the report in CSV and the native file format per product, such as XML or HTML. The emailed reports are also stored in the user\EmailReports folder where the License Utility is installed.


An email client be configured on computers where the License Utility is installed in order to use this feature. For supported email clients, see the Email client section in the System requirements topic.

To email reports:

  1. On the License Report tab, click the checkbox next to the report you want to email.
    You can select multiple reports at once. 
  2. To append a prefix to the file name, in the Email Attachment File Prefix text box, enter a prefix, for example: YourOrganizationName.
    The prefix can contain up to 15 characters except the following:  \ / : * ? " < > | and .  
  3. Click Email Reports.
    Your email client opens with a zip file of the report and log attachment, including the report name you specified along with a date/time stamp in the following format: 
    • Report file:
    • Log file:


  • If an email client does not exist on the computer or the email client is not configured, the following message appears: "Error occurred while launching mail client. One or more unspecified errors occurred."
  • When the license utility is running with "Run as administrator" and Outlook is opened by a non-administrator user, the following error message appears after clicking Email Reports: "Error occurred while launching mail client. One or more unspecified errors occurred."
    • Workaround:
      • Close Outlook.
      • Click Email Reports.

By default, the following appears in the email message:

  • To:
    • You can change the email recipient in your email client.

The following can be changed in the email message, but not in the License Utility application:

  • Subject:  BMC License Utility Reports.
  • Message text: Please send this email to BMC Software.

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