Dashboard overview

The dashboard displays a quick view of BMC product license usage per product deployment in the form of bar charts. You can configure the dashboard to display one chart at a time. The bar charts show current license usage, with the exception of ARS and BSA, where usage within a specific time frame can be displayed. 

You can also save the chart as a .png file. (See the example in the screenshot.)

Bar chart example

In the following example for Remedy AR System Server (ARS), the stacked bar chart displays a license count of 4 licenses used out of 15 licenses (currently defined limit).


Bar chart contents per product deployment

Product deploymentBar chart typeBar chart product usage summary
BMC Client Management 
  • Displays Total License Count and Used License Count
BMC Database Automation
  • Displays Total Server Count
BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)Standard
  • Displays number of user logged in for iOS client, Android client and Web client
BMC Discovery (Discovery) up to version 11.1Standard
  • Displays Total Server Count

BMC Network Automation
(BNA) / TrueSight Network Automation

  • Count for Total Managed Devices

BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)Standard
  • Displays Total RPD Servers
BMC Release Process Management (RPM)Standard
  • Displays Total RPM Servers

BMC Server Automation
(BSA) / TrueSight Server Automation

  • Displays the active count for:
    • Max Managed Servers
    • Servers Running Configuration
    • Servers Running Compliance
    • Servers Running Patching
    • Servers Running Provisioning
    • # of Servers Added
    • # of Servers Decommissioned based on duration
Remedy AR System Server (ARS)Layered
  • Displays Currently Defined Limit and Used Count
TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)Standard
  • Displays an Audit count for the overall number of categories of License Description
TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) Standard
  • Displays the number of TSIM components connected
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