Creating dashboard bar charts

  • BMC Client Management (BCM)
  • BMC Database Automation (BDA)
  • BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)
  • BMC Discovery (Discovery) up to 11.1
  • BMC Network Automation (BNA) / TrueSight Network Automation
  • BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)
  • BMC Release Process Management (RPM)
  • BMC Server Automation / TrueSight Server Automation (BSA)
  • Remedy AR System Server (ARS)
  • TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)
  • TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM)

To create a dashboard bar chart:

  1. Select the Dashboard tab.
  2. On a dashboard panel, click the Select Deployment link.


    The Select Deployment link appears if a bar chart has not yet been created. To replace a bar chart, you will need to delete it, and then create a new one (See step 5b.)
  3. On the Select the Deployment dialog, select a product deployment, then click OK.
  4. On the Duration Selection dialog, select a time frame (for example, Last Quarter), then click OK.


    The Duration is only applicable for ARS, BSA v8.2 to v8.6, and BSA 8.7 and higher.

    While the bar chart is generating, a "please wait" message appears.


    Where data exceeds the bar chart panel height, the top and bottom of the chart may not initially appear. Use your mouse wheel to zoom out to view the entire chart.


    If an "Error generating dashboard" message appears, please refer to the log. The path is provided on the message dialog, for example: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\user\Dashboardlogs\180921_133429_LUCU\vw-aus-rem-dv1d_dsl_bmc_com_1.txt.
  5. After creating a bar chart, the "Select Deployment" link is replaced by "Refresh" and "Delete".
    1. To refresh the data in a bar chart, click the Refresh link.
    2. To delete a bar chart, click the Delete link.
      The "Refresh" and "Delete" links are replaced by "Select Deployment" so you can create a new bar chart.

To save a bar chart as a PNG file:

Right click the chart, then select Save as .png.

To access dashboard CSV reports:

Navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\user\DashboardReports.

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