4.8.00 enhancements

Product support for new versions

Support has been added for the following products/versions:  

BMC productAdded support for version #
BMC Client Management (BCM)12.8
BMC Truesight Server Automation (BNA)8.9.04
BMC Truesight Capacity Optimzation (TSCO) 11.5
BMC TrueSight Server Automation (BSA)8.9.04
BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)18.11.00 and 19.02
BMC Truesight Operations Management11.3.02

New features

BMC License Usage Collection Utility 4.8 provides the following new features:

  • BMC License Usage Collection Utility now generates the anonymized reports for Discovery versions prior to 11.2. The Server name and Discovered OS columns in the reports now contain  anonymized data.

  • Product Usage Charts are now available via manual execution and automated execution. You can now view Product Usage Charts in JPEG format for the following products:
    • BMC Client Management(BCM)
    • BMC Database Automation (BDA)
    • BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)
    • BMC Discovery (Discovery) up to 11.1
    • BMC Network Automation (BNA) / TrueSight Network Automation
    • BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)
    • BMC Release Process Management (RPM)
    • BMC Server Automation (BSA) / TrueSight Server Automation
    • Remedy AR System Server (ARS)
    • TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)
    • TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM)

YouTube video playlist on Help tab

The link to the YouTube video playlist on the Help tab is updated, where you can view the latest videos for the license utility.

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