Dashboard overview

The dashboard displays a quick view of BMC product license usage per product deployment in the form of bar charts. You can configure the dashboard to display one chart at a time. The bar charts show current license usage, with the exception of ARS and BSA, where usage within a specific time frame can be displayed. 

You can also save the chart as a .png file. (See the example in the screenshot.)

Bar chart example

In the following example for Remedy AR System Server (ARS), the top stacked bar chart displays a license count of 28 licenses used out of 45 licenses (currently defined limit).

ARS Product Usage Chart 

Bar chart contents per product deployment

Product deploymentBar chart typeBar chart product usage summary
BMC Client Management 
  • Displays Total License Count and Used License Count
BMC Database Automation
  • Displays Total Server Count
BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT)Standard
  • Displays number of user logged in for iOS client, Android client and Web client
BMC Discovery (Discovery) up to version 11.1Standard
  • Displays Total Server Count

BMC Network Automation
(BNA) / TrueSight Network Automation

  • Count for Total Managed Devices

BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)Standard
  • Displays Total RPD Servers
BMC Release Process Management (RPM)Standard
  • Displays Total RPM Servers

BMC Server Automation
(BSA) / TrueSight Server Automation

  • Displays the active count for:
    • Max Managed Servers
    • Servers Running Configuration
    • Servers Running Compliance
    • Servers Running Patching
    • Servers Running Provisioning
    • # of Servers Added
    • # of Servers Decommissioned based on duration
Remedy AR System Server (ARS)Layered
  • Displays Currently Defined Limit and Used Count
TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)Standard
  • Displays an Audit count for the overall number of categories of License Description
TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) Standard
  • Displays the number of TSIM components connected
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