Support information

This topic contains information about how to contact Customer Support, and the support status for this and other releases.

Please upgrade to the latest version (BMC License Usage Collection Utility 4.5.00.) (For more information, see Upgrading.)

Contacting Customer Support

To contact the BMC License Usage Collection Utility Support team, send an email to  The team is available until 11:00 AM CDT in the US.


Since the license utility is a free application, it does not follow the standard support policy as described on this page: BMC Product Support Policy.

Support status

The following table shows the support status for the BMC License Usage Collection Utility, also available on the BMC A-Z Supported Product List page:

VersionSupport StatusRelease DateFull Support End DateEnd of Support Date
4.7.00Full support10-Oct-2018

4.6.00Full support18-Jun-2018

4.5.00Full support28-Feb-2018

4.0.01Limited support06-Oct-201710-Oct-2018
4.0.00Limited support31-Jul-201710-Oct-2018 
3.6.00End of support
3.5.00End of support13-Jan-201610-Apr-201701-Apr-2018
3.0.00End of support24-Oct-201613-Jan-201601-Jan-2018 
2.5.00End of support15-Jul-201624-Oct-201631-Jul-2017
2.0.00End of support11-Apr-201615-Jul-201610-Apr-2017
1.6.00End of support15-Dec-201511-Apr-201613-Jan-2016
1.5.00End of support11-Sep-201515-Dec-201524-Oct-2016
1.0.00End of support2-Jul-201511-Sep-201515-Jul-2016

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