You can either specify to uninstall the License Usage Collector Utility application and usage data at once, or you can specify to uninstall only the application and  preserve the usage data. You cannot uninstall only the usage data.

To uninstall the BMC License Usage Collection Utilityee

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs > BMC Software > LicenseUsageCollector > Uninstall LicenseUsageCollector.
    The BMC License Usage Collector  Uninstaller screen appears.

  2. On the License Usage Collector Uninstaller screen, click Next.
  3. Select one of the following:

    • License Usage Collector (version #) Uninstallation
      (This will uninstall both the application and the usage data files.)


    • Uninstall License Usage Collection (version #), then deselect the Uninstall License Usage Data (version #) check box.
      (This will only uninstall the application and will preserve the usage data files.


      If you select Uninstall License Usage Data, all of the usage data will be deleted. By default, these files are located in
      C:\Program Files\BMC Software\LicenseUsageCollector\licenseusagecollector\user.

      If you attempt to only uninstall the usage data, a warning message appears directing you to go back and select one of the two options above.

  4. After you have made your select, click Next.

  5. The Uninstallation Preview screen displays the selected features to be uninstalled. Click Uninstall.
    The progress bar appears while the application is uninstalled. 

  6. (Optional) On the Uninstallation Summary screen, click View Log to see the log.
    The licenseuagecollector_uninstall_log.text window appears. You can click each item in the list to view additional details. 
  7. On the Uninstallation Summary screen, click Done.
    The LUCService (License Usage Collector Service) will be removed from Windows Services.

  8. Restart your computer to complete the uninstallation process.
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