Configuring product servers

After you install the BMC License Usage Collection Utility, it must be able to connect to remote servers that host BMC products to successfully complete the license usage collection process.

The utility secures a WMI connection to connect Windows based servers and an SSH connection to connect UNIX/Linux based servers. In both the cases it uses the deployment details, such as server name, user credentials, etc. to connect the remote servers that the user has entered into the utility on the Add Deployment screen.

The utility does not require its users to have administrator privileges on the servers.  However, as a one-time setup activity, the user must complete the following tasks:

  1. With the assistance of the your server administrator, ensure that the user has the required permissions for WMI/SSH connections on remote servers. See Configuring user settings.
  2. Verify that the environment settings are in place. See Configuring environment settings.

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