Helix Common Services

Services shared by one of more applications in Helix IT Operations Management and Helix Service Management.

Helix Common Services


Dashboards and Reporting

Enables unified reporting with a consolidated view of data from applications across your environment to easily create, export, and share interactive dashboards internally and externally.



Provides a launchpad for all your licensed BMC Helix services. Tenant administrators access common services to set up role-based access control.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enables a single sign-on experience for applications, configure authentication methods, and review audit records. Your end users can present credentials for authentication only once in a multi software environment.



Connects BMC products with hosted, on-premises, cloud, and legacy third-party applications.


Intelligent Automation

Identifies opportunities to use the automation technology of your choice in a policy-driven automation broker.


Intelligent Integrations

Reduces development efforts and costs with a codeless, automated platform offering easy integration with multiple monitoring solutions by using a broad range of connectors.

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