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Work ID names

A work ID has a two-part name in the format owner.workIDName (with the period as a required separator):
  • owner is a one- to eight-character identifier. If you do not supply an owner when you create a work ID, Log Master uses your TSO prefix or your TSO user ID (if you have no prefix).

  • workIDName is a one- to 18-character name that must comply with the following restrictions:

    • The first character must be alphabetic or a national character (such as $, #, or @).

    • Additional characters can be alphabetic, numeric, or national.

    • You cannot create a work ID name that begins with $$WORKID.

      The default workIDName is $$WORKIDnnnn, where nnnn is a sequence number (for example, USER14.$$WORKID0001). The default work ID name is reserved for use by Log Master.

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