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Using the syntax diagrams

Enter product syntax through the SYSIN DD statement of your JCL. Follow the required order of operation for each basic statement.

For more information, see Building and running Log Master jobs.

In addition to the general conventions, the following information can help you use the diagrams and descriptions more efficiently:

  • This section lists the statements and syntax groups in normal order of appearance in the SYSIN input.

  • The syntax descriptions for each unit of syntax follow the syntax diagram. The descriptions list keywords in roughly the same sequence as they appear in the diagram, moving left to right, and then top to bottom.

  • A syntax keyword enclosed in a box indicates that a corresponding diagram appears on another page, or later within the same diagram.

  • If a diagram illustrates a syntax loop (as shown in the following example), the loop indicates that you can enter certain syntax more than once. The syntax description documents any restrictions on the number of times that the syntax can be repeated.

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