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SQL code handling during SQL execution

Log Master validates any SQL updates that it performs as it executes SQL statements.

In addition, the product examines the SQL codes that Db2 returns, and takes appropriate action based on your specifications.


The High-speed Apply Engine distributed with Log Master does not alter how Db2 generates SQL codes or responds to them; it alters only how High-speed Apply responds to the SQL codes.

For example, if a user is not authorized to update a table and attempts to do so, Db2 will not update the table, and will generate SQL code -551. High-speed Apply does not override this condition, even if your code handling rules specify IGNORE for the -551 code. (In this example, Db2 does not update the table, but High-speed Apply does not report the failure).

The following table summarizes SQL code handling for each of the product’s general methods for executing SQL.

SQL execution method

Online interface

Batch interface



This method enables a limited subset of High-speed Apply responses to SQL codes.

SQL Execution Codes Handler Maintenance panel

Insert an SQLCODES DD statement directly in your JCL.

Handling SQL codes with EXECSQL

Generated High-speed Apply JCL

This method enables more High-speed Apply responses than the EXECSQL method, but does not enable all High-speed Apply responses to SQL codes.

Main Menu option Generate High-speed Apply JCL

Not available

Handling SQL codes with generated High-speed Apply JCL

Independently coded High-speed Apply JCL

This method enables all High-speed Apply responses to SQL codes.

Not available

Code a separate job or job step that explicitly runs High-speed Apply. Specify configuration parameters in a separate configuration file or in-stream in your JCL.

Handling SQL codes with independently coded High-speed Apply JCL

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